B&L Associates Introduces BL/AUDIT Version 2.0

B&L Associates, Inc. has announced BL/AUDIT Version 2.0, a product designed to capture, store, and report security-related information in a format that allows system administrators to easily monitor and verify the integrity of system security.

According to B&L, monitoring security-related activities has become a major concern for data center managers. As with other valuable assets of any organization, corporate electronic information databases must be protected. The information in the system must be easily accessible to users, the security procedures must be flexible enough to match differing site needs, and any security breaches must be quickly detected and remedied.

Originally introduced by B&L several years ago, the product has been refreshed and re-launched as version 2.0 due to renewed interest, particularly among the financial institutions, with the driving force coming from the auditors - both internal and external, observes Chris Doyle, manager, legacy systems, at B&L.

BL/AUDIT builds on the tools provided by Unisys for guarding files and reporting on system activity, but eliminates the need to examine every system use - valid or invalid - to detect the breaches. With BL/AUDIT, only the "exceptions" or actual security breaches are reported in a format matched to the needs of the reviewer. BL/AUDIT permits site specification of the types of security issues to be monitored, site definition of special cases, and detailed tracking of all activities.

Since 1975, B&L Associates has been designing and implementing data center software solutions that simplify media management, job scheduling, and report distribution for both legacy and open environments, and is recognized as a leader in automation for the Unisys ClearPath marketplace.

Email either Mike Bartlett or Chris Doyle to schedule a webinar for a live, interactive demonstration of BL/AUDIT Version 2.0. For more information about B&L, go here.