Basho Enters Public and Private Cloud Market with Release of Riak CS

Basho Technologies, a provider of distributed database technologies, has released Riak CS, a scalable software solution designed to provide distributed public and private cloud storage. This release marks Basho's entrance into the cloud storage market.

Riak CS is a multi-tenant cloud storage software solution that can power both public and private clouds. It can be deployed by communications and service providers for public cloud storage as well as enterprises seeking to employ a private cloud. Riak CS is "designed to help a company build a very large, scalable but inexpensive cloud storage platform either in their cloud computing stack or as a private/public storage platform," Bobby Patrick, CMO of Basho Technologies explains to 5 Minute Briefing.  

According to Basho, key features of Riak CS include compatibility with the Amazon S3 API, detailed reporting, and simple object storage. Enterprises also benefit from the reporting capabilities of Riak CS, including per-tenant usage data and statistics that can be deployed across departments within the enterprise. Additionally, Riak CS is able to store up to 5GB per file, to make it easy for enterprises to store and retrieve images, text, video, documents, database backups, software binaries, and other content.

Scalability and price are two main challenges for organizations seeking to employ cloud storage, according to the vendor.  In addition to affordability, organizations seek a platform that can scale and be managed with simplicity and ease of operations, says Patrick, who notes that the combination of low cost and high compatibility positions Riak CS as a viable option for service providers and enterprises to leverage their data in both public and private clouds.

Riak is available open source for download at For more information visit