Basho Introduces Riak CS 1.5 with Amazon S3 Compatibility

Basho, the creator of the Riak distributed NoSQL database, has introduced Riak CS 1.5 and Riak CS 1.5 Enterprise, Basho’s distributed object storage software. Targeted at companies dealing with large amounts of unstructured data, such as videos, images and documents, Riak CS (Cloud Storage) can be used to build public or private clouds, or as storage to power applications and services.

Riak CS provides expanded storage API compatibility with Amazon S3 and includes features such as multi-object delete, put object copy, and cache control headers for more flexible integration with content delivery networks (CDNs). For customers with high rates of object updates and deletes, Riak CS now reaps objects flagged for garbage collection more quickly. And for better administration, new features make organizational tasks easier for activities such as cluster management, monitoring and troubleshooting. The company has also introduced a technology preview for increased scalability of Riak CS Enterprise, achieved by allowing multiple Riak clusters to reside under a single CS namespace, expanding the maximum capacity of a single cluster.


“With Riak CS 1.5 Enterprise, new features are delivered as requested by our customers,” said Dave McCrory, CTO of Basho. “We are committed to make it easier to consume cutting edge versions of Riak and will continue to do this by executing a more iterative approach in how we release Riak.”

Riak CS 1.5 is available immediately for Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, SmartOS and Solaris. To view the latest technical documentation or to download Riak CS, visit