Basho Unveils Riak TS to Leverage IoT Data

Basho Technologies today announced Basho Riak TS, a distributed NoSQL database that is designed to enable analysis of massive amounts of sequenced, unstructured data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other time series data sources.

Riak TS is built to store and retrieve time series data with enhanced read and write performance, which the vendor says is required as more enterprise applications collect IoT data, specifically time series data from sensors, and as a result, need fast, reliable and scalable read and write performance

Like Riak KV, a key/value design and advanced local and multi-cluster replication, Riak TS provides high availability and massive scalability. Unlike other NoSQL databases, Riak TS enables customers to take advantage of time series applications with the ability to ensure IoT or time series applications are always available for both read and write operations, with the ability to easily scale as devices or users increase; and the ability to add nodes to the cluster without sharding. With Riak TS, data is automatically and uniformly distributed across the cluster.

Riak KV also enables users to query data with SQL-like queries, and seamlessly integrates with Apache Spark to ensure easier and faster operational analysis of time series data.