Basho and Cisco Team Up to Integrate Riak KV NoSQL Database with Apache Mesos

Basho Technologies, the creator and developer of Riak software, has announced that, in collaboration with Cisco, it has developed a framework enabling the Riak KV NoSQL database to run on Apache Mesos, bringing operational efficiency and high-elasticity to big data services. The integration with Mesos, an open source resource manager from the Apache Software Foundation, automates the data center infrastructure beneath Riak KV instances.

“The goal is to try and simplify and make it easy for clients to get business solutions as quickly as possible instead of worrying about the distributed data tier,” said Adam Wray, CEO of Basho.

The combination of Mesos, an open source resource manager from the Apache Software Foundation, automates the data center infrastructure beneath Riak KV instances,  allows enterprise businesses to deploy distributed data services at global scale in support of next generation Internet of Things (IoT) and big data applications, and ensures efficient utilization of cloud resources.

The integration allows Mesos to aggregate and re-aggregate resources for/from Riak nodes while users will be able to write scripts to make scale up/down events automatic based on business logic. This partnership provides the unique ability for enterprises to auto-scale a global, multi-data center database and users can easily scale an application from one to thousands of instances in minutes. “By integrating Mesos into our platform, we’re effectively giving the world the first chance at an auto scaling type functionality for distributed databases that are enterprise focus,” Wray said.

Since Cisco was already a Basho client, the collaborative effort to integrate Mesos was a natural fit, Wray said. “We saw this consistent theme of Mesos popping up across a lot of people who were addressing the same pain points,” Wray said. “It was a natural point for us mentally.”

End users dealing with large amounts of unstructured data or analyzing loads of data, along with running IoT apps, will benefit from this integration. “Ultimately, anyone who is interested in unstructured data and expects to use that at a level that is not fixed but has finite up and down scaling needs, which is pretty much everybody these days, will see value in this,” Wray said.

Basho is developing an open source integration with Mesos that will also be commercialized around a supported enterprise offering, according to Wray. Additionally, Basho plans to incorporate the resource management capabilities of Mesos as a Core Service offering of the Basho Data Platform.  “More than likely, you can expect we’ll continue to integrate or build things and it will simplify things for all our clients,” Wray said.

For more information about the integrated partnership, click here.