Basis Technologies and UC4 Team Up in Automated Data Processing Bid

UC4, an IT automation software vendor, announced a partnership with Basis Technologies International (BTI), a provider of add-on solutions that optimize SAP, intended to deliver targeted automation solutions for SAP customers. The joint offering, dubbed "UC4 MDR powered by BTI," will integrate BTI's Mass Data Runtime - an SAP NetWeaver-based solution that delivers data processing improvements - with UC4's ONE Automation platform. The combination of these two products is designed to help accelerate and orchestrate business processes, applications and infrastructure with SAP environments.

UC4 MDR powered by BTI is intended to support sites building applications and functions with SAP's ABAP programming language, including traditional reporting, queries, DWH extractors, data cleansing or migration, Kerry Lebel, senior director of product management with UC4, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  "Our solution reduces memory consumption in a simple way; by splitting APAP code and running it in parallel. Thus, customers are also able to control in real time the use of available servers, adjusting and optimizing network and even cloud usage for the demands of critical data processing tasks."

The combined offering will enable SAP users to automate and accelerate a range of data processing tasks, including: SAP programs and interfaces; batch runs; data migrations; file transfers; data extractions; archiving; and data warehousing activities. The combined solution will also help cut through large data volumes to complete jobs faster than traditional solutions - minimizing the risk of big data sets stalling business processes and programs.

The two companies are also looking to cloud-based environments as well, Lebel says. "It delivers huge benefits to customers regardless if they are operating their SAP in cloud or non-cloud environments," he explains. "The benefit of using cloud infrastructures would be that UC4 could provision servers and increase number of processes, enabling UC4 and BTI MDR to run more parallel processes temporarily. Once the MDR accelerated ABAP program finishes, UC4 will again de-provision the servers."

More details are available from the Basis and UC4 websites.