Bedrock Debuts Comprehensive Data Security Platform Designed for Rapid Data Growth and Usage

Bedrock Security, the frictionless data security company, is debuting its comprehensive data security platform, engineered to allow enterprises to manage risk effectively and continuously through the discovery, management, and protection of their most sensitive data. Backed by both Bedrock’s advanced AI Reasoning (AIR) Engine as well as $10 million in seed funding led by Greylock, Bedrock’s latest platform enables organizations to protect their most valuable assets without impeding data growth or business success.

Bedrock’s data security platform innovates in three foundational areas: visibility, data detection and response (DDR), and risk surface minimization. Propelled by the shortcomings of DSPM and legacy data security solutions, Bedrock’s platform targets the three aforementioned areas to help enterprises craft a robust data security program designed for today’s rapid data growth and data usage.

“We purpose built Bedrock with the imperative understanding that data is foundational to organizational growth,” stated Pranava Adduri, CEO and co-founder of Bedrock Security. "By fully understanding an organization’s data at the scale and speed demanded by modern enterprises, we have addressed the shortcomings of DSPM and legacy data security solutions, empowering modern businesses to embrace data without increasing risk.”

Without accurate data visibility, organizations are left with a failing data security plan that causes more friction than it does solution. Bedrock’s AIR Engine uses AI reasoning to transcend fixed rules that limit the power of accurate discovery, classification, and data mapping. These rules can be thought of as kindergarten stencils, or pre-cut shapes that, when applied to a complex, constantly changing, and growing data estate, surface a variety of false positives, according to Adduri.

“Rules are for what you already know; reasoning is for what you don't know about yet. That's what we've automated, that's what we've built at scale,” Adduri continued.

The AIR Engine enables the availability of new data classifications—which were previously not possible through rules-based systems—to paint a clear picture of data risk within a single platform. The concept behind AI reasoning is for the AI to learn and understand the context around an enterprise’s data and why it’s important to the business, ultimately driving a more custom, situationally aware approach to data security, according to the company.

Bedrock’s platform also acknowledges that data threats are as rapidly evolving as the data itself, making continuous security assessments a paramount task. Through Adaptive Sampling—which empowers holistic data discovery in large-scale environments—as well as user behavior data analytics, built-in remediation, and integrated workflow capabilities, Bedrock’s platform reduces data incident response times while ensuring overall accuracy.

Additionally, Bedrock’s distributed serverless processing architecture allows enterprises to achieve continuous DDR at the lowest OpEx in the industry, according to the company.

Regarding risk surface minimization, Bedrock’s AIR Engine offers risk impact and analysis that enables organizations to rapidly reduce identity overprovisioning for data access, minimize stale data, and track and defend Intellectual Property (IP). This reduces friction in enabling business operations while simultaneously managing risk to a company’s brand, revenue, and reputation, according to Bedrock.

“It's not about the technology at the end of the day, it's about time-to-value…it's about, for the effort that teams are putting in, they should be getting a lot of value and return on that effort,” said Adduri. “[Bedrock’s platform is designed to] ultimately take what's really painful right now and take what's really long and make it something that…they can get up and running and enable the business.”

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