Beta Systems Upgrades its Identity & Access Management Suite

Beta Systems, provider of identity and access management solutions, is updating its Identity & Access Management Suite, offering more flexibility across the platform.

The product family, for the first time presented under the new GARANCY product label, features new improvements that will tackle the ongoing changes and emerging requirements that affect all corporate areas of the customer base.

The update will focus on altered or upscaled IT landscapes, new legal regulations, and increasingly stringent audits as well as changed user and usage profiles pose challenges to modern companies in the wake of key trends such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

The GARANCY IAM Suite incorporates a scalable connector framework that delivers ready-to-use interfaces to standard applications and systems.

The new product version allows companies to connect their own applications rapidly and flexibly by means of a universal connection framework. New connectors make it possible to integrate various cloud computing systems with the company-wide IAM solution.

In order to help companies meet the ever-growing number of legal provisions and other compliance-related requirements, the new GARANCY IAM suite fully covers all these demands by integrating governance and provisioning in a single IAM system.

Users, too, will benefit from the new GARANCY IAM Suite in terms of flexible operation. Enhanced options for processing risk assessments or for classifying different user types give companies the ability to precisely and comprehensively control the authorization profiles and management workflows for their own employees, partners and even end customers.

Finally, Garancy IAM seamlessly bundles all access management-related activities in a central web portal, providing a platform for user-friendly and flexible corporate access governance processes.

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