BeyondTrust Acquires Lumigent Technologies, Ships Database Monitoring Solution for Enterprise Visibility

BeyondTrust, a provider of authorization management solutions, announced the release of PowerBroker Database Monitor & Audit, designed to provide IT security departments monitoring and visibility of privilege user database administration, activities and security. The new release incorporates technology as a result of BeyondTrust's recent acquisition of Lumigent Technologies, which specialized in database activity monitoring.

The new toolset is intended to extend visibility beyond the scope of basic database security, providing analysis on how database changes directly impact business operations, Jim Zierick, executive vice president of product operations at BeyondTrust, tells 5 Minute Briefing. He adds that the solution "immediately alerts administrators to potentially malicious configurations and activities" as part of continuous review and reconciliation of privileged user activities.

PowerBroker Database includes core database log reading technology that provides transparency to how data is accessed, edited and tracked. The product also enables administrators to monitor changes to application controls that secure and protect the integrity of assets, and assess the business impact of changes by providing a data record level audit with full field level before and after values.

By automating entitlement, IT activity reviews and security policy review processes, PowerBroker Database also helps organizations address compliance mandates. Additional capabilities include compliance with internal and external IT control requirements, detailed audit trail of all activity supporting forensic activities, and segregation of operational and compliance activities.

PowerBroker Database is part of the vendor's PowerBroker family of products. More details are available from BeyondTrust.