Bi-Dimensional Kubernetes Pod Autoscaling by StormForge Improves Kubernetes Scaling Functions

StormForge, provider of cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization, is unveiling the latest capabilities of its StormForge Optimize Live solution, featuring bi-dimensional Kubernetes pod autoscaling—now available within the platform.

StormForge Optimize Live, backed by machine learning, right-sizes pods automatically while simultaneously selecting a desired target utilization for the horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA). The solution manifests a highly performant, highly reliable harmony between vertical and horizontal autoscaling, ultimately reducing resource expenditure and cost to the enterprise, according to the company.

Tackling Kubernetes configuration proves a substantial goal for Optimize Live, as dynamic scaling—horizontally and vertically together—for Kubernetes users is a complex process of customization when the HPA and vertical pod autoscaler (VPA) inevitably refuse to function cooperatively. Manual configuration through target utilization setting is another obstacle for Kubernetes users, as target accuracy and optimization is reduced through human interaction.

With Optimize Live, StormForge invites Kubernetes users to leverage the cost optimization and increased efficiency promised by Kubernetes’ scaling features with StormForge’s intelligent bi-dimensional Kubernetes pod autoscaling. VPA and HPA cohesion is now possible with Optimize Live, as Kubernetes applications are continuously and automatically right-sized to suit your enterprise needs. The autoscalers enhance performance and reliability, while reducing risk of out-of-memory (OOM) errors and CPU throttling at low resource cost.

“Despite using the HPA, Kubernetes over-provisioning is still a significant problem, driving an unsustainable growth in cloud costs,” said Chad Upton, VP of infrastructure engineering at Firstup. “We are always looking for solutions to help us work smarter, faster, and in a more scalable way, so we’re excited about the capabilities that StormForge is introducing with this latest release. Our work with the solution so far has shown promise for significantly reducing cloud resource costs while still ensuring application performance and reliability.”

Whether you’re a platform engineering team seeking to empower smart resource usage, or SRE and Cloud Ops teams desiring to ensure application efficiency, Optimize Live encourages performance without manual interference. Unlocking the potential of Kubernetes’ autoscaling transforms the experience from a complex, inaccurate guessing process, to a resource-conserving, highly performant process that marries VPA and HPA with efficiency and ease.

“In some of the initial testing done by our design partner, they’ve seen reductions of about 60% in the cost of running their applications,” said Rich Bentley, VP of product marketing at StormForge. “The amount of savings that we’re potentially looking at here for customers as they scale across their environment, is pretty significant. There’s a lot of ways to save in day-to-day Kubernetes usage, even if you are using the horizontal pod autoscaler.”

StormForge continues to look toward expanding optimization capabilities and metrics for user recommendations, extending their ecosystem for out-of-the-box, plug-and-play integration with Kubernetes tools, cluster scanning for potential optimizations, as well as better insights for users regarding their data.

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