Big Data Analytics Appliance Family Expanded by EMC

EMC has announced three new additions to its EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) line of products - the High Capacity DCA, the High Performance DCA, and the Data Integration Accelerator - as well as version 4.1 of Greenplum Database.

The  newHigh Capacity DCA and the High Performance DCA join the Data Computing Appliance announced in October 2010 to expand the EMC Greenplum family of data warehouse systems that leverage a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture to enable big data to be processed and analyzed faster at lower cost.

The EMC Data Computing Appliance line of purpose-built, highly scalable data warehousing appliances integrate database, computing, storage and network into an enterprise-class system. The core base-model EMC DCA, which has the ability to scale up to 864TB of uncompressed data, is the foundation of this product line.

The High Capacity EMC DCA is designed to host petabyte-levels of data without taking up additional space, surging power consumption or increasing costs. For businesses that require detailed analysis of extremely large amounts of data, this model offers the lowest cost-per-unit data warehouse.

The High Performance EMC DCA is a solution for data loading and data scanning performance. With its purely solid-state drive (SSD)-based storage, it allows for high number of user access concurrency. The combination of fast loading speed and high simultaneous query performance allows businesses to more easily access time-sensitive analytical data.

Additionally, the new Data Integration Accelerator is an add-on module that solves the challenges of data loading in a parallel and scalable model. It is purpose-built for customers who need to shorten batch loads and implement micro-batch loading, and leverages a growing catalog of data applications.

Core to the EMC DCA family of products is version 4.1 of Greenplum Database. This new version introduces new functionality that simplifies Hadoop integration, extends the range of analytics functions, improves client and application connectivity and expands on the platform's workload management and system health monitoring capabilities.

"EMC is truly driving the future of data warehousing and analytics with the release of its Data Computing Appliance family of products. There's a growing recognition that there are new value-generation opportunities that can arise from assembling unprecedented amounts of information. The Performance and Capacity versions of EMC Data Computing Appliance enable organizations to gain greater insight and value from big data to support new business initiatives, new competitive advantages, new sources of revenue and new ways of doing research, while addressing the increasing needs for performance and storage options," states Bill Cook, president and general manager of the data computing division, EMC.

More information is available about the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance and version 4.1 of Greenplum Database.