Big Data Analytics Company Datameer Releases New Marketing Analytics Platform

Big data analytics company Datameer is releasing its first platform that will help enterprises and marketers directly and easily gain big data insights.

“Over 48% of our customers were using Datameer to understand their customer journey,” said Azita Martin, Datameer CMO. “That really gave a rise to, in the early part of this year, developing a pre-built app that anyone in marketing can use.”

The Datameer Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics platform is intended to allow organizations to integrate all their data from marketing and digital campaigns into one place to understand how the behavior of leads converts to customers.

According to the vendor, the platform will provide executives and business analysts with four key insights that accelerate customer acquisition. These insights include where high quality leads come from, what combination of campaigns convert leads to customers, what assets are the most effective in influencing those conversions, and what the conversion speed and effectiveness is of both campaigns and assets.

“To really get that information, you have to grab all of the customer interaction data from all these different systems and analyze them together,” Martin said. The new platform will blend previously siloed and varied information from Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, digital ads, and social media for complete visibility. Once business executives have identified the combination of the top performing lead sources and marketing campaigns that convert leads into customers, users can then drill down into those top-performing channels.

This new platform is the beginning of a series of releases and Datameer will continue to add a variety of capabilities based on customer feedback. “Our plan is to continue to provide even more functionality in those areas as we get more feedback from our customers,” Martin said.

For more information about the new platform, go here.