Big Data Analytics Provider Arcadia Data Launches Partner Program

Arcadia Data, a provider of a native visual analytics software for big data, has launched a new partner program to support resellers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and systems integrators (SIs) who work with Arcadia Data and joint customers to develop solutions.

The Arcadia Accelerate Partner Program is aimed at allowing ISVs to integrate, test, and certify their software with Arcadia Data, and provides training for SIs and resellers worldwide to scale their knowledge base and ease deployment, ultimately accelerating time to value for joint customers.

According to Arcadia, with the BI and analytics market estimated to surpass $18 billion in 2017, the demand for modern BI architectures that perform even when subjected to the volume of today’s big data sets is increasing.

The newly launched Arcadia Accelerate Partner Program, which includes a formalized certification process and partner tiers, is designed to help participants meet the growing demand for tightly integrated solutions with next-generation visual analytics. Through Arcadia Accelerate, partners can deliver faster time to value for their customers’ data analytics projects.

The company’s flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, in conjunction with Arcadia Accelerate, offers benefits for participants, including a standardized process for onboarding, certification, training, and joint go-to-market enablement to help partners accelerate time to market and to help customers realize  value from their data more quickly; integration support on a platform with the ability to scale hundreds and thousands of concurrent users without moving data by running analytic and BI processing directly where the data resides; and a native visual analytics software built from the ground up for big data platforms like Apache Hadoop, the cloud, and Apache Kafka.

More information is available from Arcadia about the Arcadia Data Accelerate Partner Program.