Big Data Analytics and NoSQL Technologies Webcast Now Available On-Demand

The latest trends in big data analytics were presented by Objectivity, Inc. and Database Trends and Applications in a webcast that is now available for replay.

Moderated by Tom Wilson, president of DBTA and Unisphere Media, and featuring Brian Clark, vice president of product management at Objectivity/DB and Leon Guzenda, founder of Objectivity/DB, the webcast covered how to maximize existing architectures by utilizing NoSQL technologies to improve functionality and provide real-time results. The webcast examined the attributes of traditional and emerging tools for managing data including relational databases, Hadoop and MapReduce, object databases, key-value stores, column databases, document databases and graph databases, emphasizing that choosing the right tool for the job is the key.

"Objectivity/DB is all about graphs and relationships. It is an object-oriented database management system that has been around a long time - for over 20 years. It is proven enterprise-ready technology and InfiniteGraph falls into the graph database space of NoSQL and it is all about the connections -  i.e., the relationships or edges - as first class citizens and being able to traverse and manipulate those relationships very efficiently," Clark explained. 

The V's of big data often focus on the volume, velocity, and variety of information, but organizations have to uncover the fourth V - the value of that big data - and that is where the power of the graph database comes in, the presenters emphasized.

"We have been around for quite a while. We started out in the scientific and technical side - engineering side; now though with InfiniteGraph, we have moved into a whole lot of other market segments," said Guzenda. The company has traditionally been involved in areas such as  master data management, research, the intelligence community, and telecom equipment, particularly network management equipment and process control equipment. "But now we are getting more into the finance area, social networking, and other kinds of applications that exploit the graph structures explicitly."

Guzenda highlighted use cases for Objectivity or InfiniteGraph - or both - in the big data space, including fraud detection in financial services, broad area maritime surveillance in the government, management of patient records in the healthcare field, and ad placement on smartphones based on user profiles and location data in the telecommunications field.

Watch the webcast now.