Big Data Compliance and Risk Management Solution Adds Support for Cloud and Social Platforms

AvePoint, a provider of enterprise-class big data management, governance, and compliance software solutions for next-generation social collaboration platforms, revealed its latest software release AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 2, which provides new features to ensure that information is easily accessible and available to people who need it and protected from those who should not have access.

This is the second major release of the Compliance Guardian Service Pack and it includes support for cloud and social platforms, improved incident tracking and management and encryption and redaction. The emphasis is on features that are critical in order to help organizations protect IT environments from information exposure or misuse while at the same time ensuring that all activities and information within those environments are compliant, accessible, and manageable.

According to the vendor, this version of Compliance Guardian offers users one system that provides the ability to ‘say what they do and then prove it’ whether that is for internal auditors, regulators, or as part of compliance best practices.  “From a compliance perspective it’s important for organizations to have the ability to document their policies to enforce them and then be able to respond to any issues that occur as well,” explained Dana Simberkoff, senior vice president of Risk Management & Compliance at AvePoint.

“From an AvePoint perspective, our work in standards organizations helps drive a global approach to helping to provide synergy between what are sometimes seemingly contradictory laws in the U.S., Europe, and Asia around privacy and data protection. That is something AvePoint has as an distinguishing characteristic with our global presence and participation,” Simberkoff said.

AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 2 is generally available now and for more information, visit