Big Data: Just Getting Bigger

DBTA had the opportunity to host a webcast this week featuring the Tableau application for big data running on Aster Data, delivered in part by Marc Parrish, vice president for Retention and Loyalty Marketing at Barnes & Noble. This was the most heavily attended webcast in the DBTA Webcast Series and includes one of the most cogent descriptions of the big data phenomenon you are likely to hear courtesy of Stephanie McReynolds, director of Product Marketing at Aster Data, during the question-and-answer session at the end of the event. To view the archived version of  "How a Retail Giant Is Making Big Gains with Big Data Analytics," visit the registration page at

On another note, DBTA's Unisphere Research division recently issued a definitive new study on data growth, reporting that over 10% of Oracle customers (all members of the IOUG) are now running over a petabyte of data. In "The Petabyte Challenge: 2011 IOUG Database Growth Survey," we find ground-level support for the storage issues associated with data growth, which are outlined, among other significant issues,  in an outstanding new blog posted by analyst Pedro Pereira on the SHARE website. DBTA encourages you to visit the blog at and check back for Pereira's future blogs in this area.