BigPanda Provides Incident Management Solution

BigPanda, Inc., a provider of Event Correlation and Automation solutions powered by AIOps, is releasing Automatic Incident Triage, a new platform component that significantly reduces the manual toil associated with the triage phase of incident management.

Automatic Incident Triage reduces the “mean-time-to-resolve” (MTTR) for applications and services by enabling IT Ops and NOC teams to quickly triage incidents by reducing the steps required to fully understand the business context of an incident and assign it to the right response team within their desired collaboration platforms, according to the vendor.

“Time is one of the biggest enemies of IT Ops and NOC teams. Incident responders know all too well how long it takes to answer the ‘What next?’ question once they’re presented with an incident,” said Elik Eizenberg, co-founder and CTO at BigPanda. “Automatic Incident Triage turns what used to be a technical incident into a business incident automatically, helping incident responders rapidly triage and handle more incidents than before and quickly route critical incidents to the right teams for follow-up and resolution.”

With Automatic Incident Triage, BigPanda customers can:

  • Automatically calculate and incorporate detailed business context into incidents, such as validated incident severity, impacted services, business priority and routing information using easy-to-create custom incident tags.
  • Quickly and easily sort, filter, visualize and respond to the incidents, prioritizing those with either the most pressing validated incident severity or the number of impacted services.
  • Bi-directionally sync custom incident tags with collaboration tools such as ServiceNow or Jira to deliver easier mapping of fields and trigger workflows within those tools.

Automatic Incident Triage allows Ops teams to handle higher volumes of actionable incidents themselves, without having to escalate as frequently.

And when they do escalate, the additional business context makes it easy to prioritize and route incidents to the right teams for faster resolution.

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