Bigeye Unveils End-to-End, Column-Level Enterprise Lineage for Hybrid Data Estates

Bigeye, the enterprise-grade data observability platform for modern and legacy data stacks, is announcing support for column-level lineage for ETL platforms, bringing extended visibility to enterprises’ hybrid data environments. This release empowers organizations with both on-prem sources and cloud data warehouses to map the entire lineage of their data analytics pipeline, ushering in more holistic insights on data quality.

Bigeye’s end-to-end lineage capability maps the customer’s complete hybrid data pipeline, then allows business users and data analysts to deploy targeting monitoring on specific tables and columns. This fine-grained monitoring ensures that all the data that fuels enterprise analytics dashboards is transparent and manageable, according to Bigeye.

In the event of data issues, Bigeye employs its Scorecard capability to neatly summarize the problem, available either next to the dashboard or directly within the product.

This end-to-end, column-level coverage across cloud data warehouses and on-premises data sources is accomplished with over 50 Bigeye Lineage Plus Connectors, which include those for transactional databases, data lakes, ETL platforms, analytics tools, and more.

“Many enterprises we meet really struggle with lineage. Unfortunately, there are a number of platforms out there that claim to do lineage, but the level of actual automation is pretty limited, which creates gaps in the lineage graph,” said Kyle Kirwan, CEO of Bigeye. “Our new Lineage Plus connectors for ETL platforms close a key gap, keeping the lineage trace unbroken between source transactional databases and data lakes or warehouses.”

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