Birst Offers Free Cloud-Based Business Analytics Edition

Business analytics provider Birst Inc. has released a free cloud-based analytics edition of Birst available to business users, called Birst Express. Users can connect directly to for sales analytics that span and their own data sources, as well as visualize data and deliver analysis in a cloud-based environment. Users can then share their analyses and access their insights anywhere, on their desktop or mobile device.

Birst Express offers data visualization, reporting and analytics to organizations of all sizes. “We wanted to give people the ability to play around with some powerful self-service BI capabilities, give them the ability to not only create and leverage their own business analytics tool for themselves but also be able to share reports and dashboards,” Brad Peters, CEO of Birst, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Users are able to combine data from with systems to perform visual analysis on data from disparate systems. “Even though it’s free, it hits on some very common use cases for customers that they simply can’t do with the product itself,” Peters explains.

Birst Express features fully-interactive dashboards that can be accessed on the go via Birst Mobile for iPad and are fully embedded directly into “You have an instant web presence you can then share, invite people to and collaborate around data and analytics in a way you can’t do with Excel as an end user,” Peters adds.

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