Bitfinex to List AIOZ, Providing Decentralized Solutions for Storage and Streaming

Bitfinex, a premier digital asset trading platform, announced that it will list AIOZ, the native token of AIOZ Network, a decentralized platform leveraging blockchain technology to enhance AI, storage, and streaming services.

AIOZ Network aims to transform digital media by providing decentralized solutions for storage and streaming, to create a more efficient and scalable ecosystem.

Their recent collaborations, such as with Alibaba Cloud, demonstrate that AIOZ’s technology has real-world applications, enhancing AI, storage, and streaming services.

The partnership leverages Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure to expand AIOZ’s ecosystem and improve its Web3 capabilities. Additionally, the partnership includes establishing a decentralized infrastructure network (DePIN) alliance in Southeast Asia to drive innovation and support new developers in the region.

AIOZ’s infrastructure includes the W3IPFS storage solution, enabling secure and decentralized file storage. As the native token for the platform, AIOZ serves multiple functions, including staking, governance, and access to exclusive features within the ecosystem.

“As decentralized technologies continue to revolutionize digital media, projects like AIOZ Network are essential in driving innovation and scalability. We’re excited to include AIOZ among our range of token offerings,” said Henry Child, head of tokens at Bitfinex. 

To obtain access to AIOZ on Bitfinex, customers can visit