Blue Medora Releases New IT Operational Analytics Platform

Blue Medora, a provider of enterprise cloud and data center management, is unveiling SelectStar, a new IT operational analytics (ITOA) platform.

The solution combines comprehensive database and cloud infrastructure monitoring to help organizations track and optimize critical database performance and availability metrics.

The solution is available as a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that deploys in less than 15 minutes.

SelectStar delivers a normalized view of f production cloud-native or on-premises databases and their underlying cloud or virtualized infrastructure, ideal for multiple database architectures.

SelectStar is the company’s first SaaS-based solution that provides unified database performance monitoring alongside cloud infrastructure to increase end-user satisfaction and reduce time required to diagnose and resolve performance issues.

 “Database architectures are evolving to include open-source and cloud-native environments, many with their own set of tools,” said Mike Kelly, Blue Medora CTO. “DBAs who have managed one or two database types now have to be experts in a multitude of configurations. SelectStar enables DBAs to gain control of this new, complex environment where they can fine-tune mixed database environments running on cloud and virtual infrastructures instead of just fighting fires.”

SelectStar combines monitoring and analysis with a single view for IT infrastructures like Amazon Web Services and VMware with databases including Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and Amazon DynamoDB and Aurora.

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