BlueData Announces General Availability of BlueData EPIC on AWS

BlueData is announcing the general availability of its BlueData EPIC software on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

“We hardened the product and now here we are, we made it generally available,” said Anant Chintamaneni, vp of products at BlueData. “One of the key differentiators for us is we are both on premises and in the cloud and we have a unique feature with our capability to tap into data on prem to the cloud, provided there’s network connectivity.”

BlueData EPIC provides the same self-service user experience whether running in the public cloud or a corporate data center. The platform also provides the same Docker-based application images for Hadoop, Spark, and other Big Data tools are portable across on-premises and cloud deployments. 

BlueData EPIC on AWS is generally available now – with planned support for Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and other public cloud services in the coming months.

BlueData is a BDaaS solution that allows data scientists, developers, and analysts to work with their data frameworks and tools of choice – including Spark standalone; Hadoop distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR; other frameworks such as Kafka and Cassandra; Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks; Python and R libraries; as well as other data science and analytics tools.

Key benefits of BlueData EPIC on AWS include a Simplified user experience for both administrators and data science teams; faster AWS onboarding for multiple teams and Big Data workloads; greater agility and flexibility; reduced AWS costs through the use of fine-grained resource quotas, start/stop controls, and cost reporting in a multi-tenant environment;  faster time to insights with pre-built cluster integrations to Amazon S3 and in-place analytics against on-premises data; and improved data governance with integrations to Amazon VPC (including site-to-site VPN), Active Directory, and Kerberos for authentication.

The BlueData EPIC software platform is licensed for AWS based on the number of Amazon EC2 instances. 

“We’re targeting helping our existing customers continue on their journey from on premises and expanded deployments to the cloud,” said Chintamaneni. “We’re targeting a brand new market for folks that have traditionally been in the cloud or chose to stay there. It opens up a new addressable market for us.”

BlueData’s vision is to support all the major cloud providers in the future, according to Chintamaneni.

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