BlueData Enhances its Platform and launches on AWS

BlueData, a provider of a big data as a service platform, is releasing an upgraded version of its EPIC software.

“This is builds on our existing product, incorporating a number of improvements as well as feedback from our customers who have extremely complex, on-premises, infrastructures and security requirements,” said Jason Schroedl, vice president of marketing.

Dubbed BlueData’s EPIC summer release, it offers comprehensive security controls along with enhancements that allow customers to take advantage of the latest innovations in the big data ecosystem.

New features include a  one-click install for pre-configured Docker images, App Workbench functionality to allow administers to more easily modify and update the pre-configured Docker images in their App Store – or create new images for other applications and tools, and unified user authentication and authorization.

“There are constantly new versions of platforms being released, new products being introduced, new frameworks replacing older frameworks - and data scientists want the latest and greatest tools to be able to do their research in analytics,” Schroedl said. “This allows enterprises to really keep up with that pace of changes so they’re not constantly in catch-up mode.”

In addition to the platform updates, BlueData is now allowing EPIC to be deployed via the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

“Enterprises are looking to use their cloud of choice, they want to be able to take advantage of competitive pricing so they aren’t locked into a specific cloud,” said Anant Chintamaneni, vice president of product. “They want to use their own applications.”

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