BlueData and Collaborate to Accelerate AI and Machine Learning Deployments

BlueData, provider of container-based software, and, an open source leader in AI, will partner to advance AI and machine learning (ML) deployments.

The collaboration includes integration of’s full suite of products – including open source H2O, H2O Sparkling Water for machine learning with Spark, and the automated H2O Driverless AI – with the container-based BlueData EPIC software platform.

BlueData and share many joint customers across multiple industries – including industry-leading organizations like Barclays, Citi, GM Financial, Optum, Macy’s, Seattle Children’s, and SCL Health.

The partnership will enable these and other enterprise customers to realize the full potential of AI / ML, helping them to make mission-critical business decisions and deliver data-driven innovation.

“Our mission is to democratize AI by putting automatic machine learning in hands of data scientists and engineers,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder of “BlueData has built container-based innovations that provide secure on-demand access to distributed H2O environments and accelerating adoption across the enterprise. Together we can make it faster, cheaper, and easier for our customers to monetize their data.”

With the BlueData EPIC software platform, data science teams can instantly spin up multi-node clusters for H2O Flow, Sparkling Water, and Driverless AI running on containers – whether on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid model.

Through its App Store, BlueData EPIC provides pre-tested and pre-integrated Docker container images for distributed H2O environments.

In just a few mouse clicks, users can have on-demand access to H2O’s best-in-class machine learning capabilities – using GPUs and/or CPUs for their containerized compute clusters.

BlueData also offers a data connector to enable compute/storage separation for H2O. With BlueData, different containerized compute clusters for different workloads (including Spark, Kafka, Tensorflow, and/or H2O) can share access to a common data lake

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