BlueFinity Boosts Evoke with Capabilities for the Retail Market

BlueFinity is enhancing Evoke for the retail market in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the business sector.

Using Evoke, retailers are now able to design and deploy the apps that specifically meet both their needs and the needs of their customers, and they do not have to employ specialist app developers to do it but can use their existing staff to create apps.

Evoke provides a point and click, drag and drop and option select development process, supported by an extensive array of functional routines and widgets, that anyone can use.

The results are sophisticated, full function apps that can run on and are optimized for any device and operating system (phones, tablets, watches and televisions using IOS, Android and Windows as well as Windows, Linux, and Apple desktops) and can be fully integrated with any type of database a retailer has or wants to use (SQL, Oracle, DB2, MultiValue etc.)

Although many retailers have been able to create highly effective, full function apps without any custom programming at all, for those retailers with more technical experience, there is also no limit to the degree of customization, future enhancement and development they can add to their Evoke app design, and they have the ability to re-use and incorporate routines and code that they already have.

Evoke will generate their app as a web, hybrid or native app, with the ability to generate fully structured Visual Studio and Xamarin solutions for onward development as well as providing the capacity to include the addition of custom code or 3rd party components as required.

“No-code/low-code opens up entirely new possibilities for retailers large and small and is the way to create and deploy an app that is right for both the retailer and their customers without a lengthy and costly development process,” said Malcolm Carroll, director of BlueFinity International.  “The latest release of Evoke now includes full retail support, making available multiple product displays and buying experiences, customer information retention, shopping carts and multiple payment and delivery options leading to a better customer experience, customer loyalty and an increase in sales. In fact, the complete store within an app!”

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