BlueFinity Enhances Solution Objects

In line with its tradition of tracking Microsoft technological initiatives, BlueFinity has announced it is improving its business objects component (Solution Objects) to provide better support for data middle-tiers, such as ASP.NET MVC and web services feeding data to mobile devices.  This additional support will include performance optimizations and dictionary-free access to MultiValue database content. "These enhancements will provide MultiValue developers with an even greater opportunity to create solutions for an ever increasing range of platforms and devices" says David Coooper, lead developer at BlueFinity. "Allowing MultiValue databases to continue being the foundation of an incredible range of line-of-business applications around the globe."

For .NET developers that need to access MultiValue databases, mv.NET has provided strong connectivity capabilities for a number of years.  Its feature set allows the developer to use the latest Microsoft technology while still leveraging all of the traditional benefits of MultiValue functionality.  It also provides a range of end-user capabilities allowing the developer to rapidly create feature-rich, high performance applications using the powerful tools provided by Microsoft's .NET environment.

The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model and a common set of APIs spanning Microsoft platforms. From client devices such as  desktop PCs and smart phones, to the public and private cloud, .NET enables businesses to build applications that work the way they want, using a common set of tools across software, services, and devices.  

mv.NET Solution Objects improves MultiValue application development and, through its use of business objects, enabling integration of MultiValue data with modern Microsoft platforms and technologies.  It allows developers to retain existing investment in MultiValue-BASIC application code and, where necessary, enhance business logic within the .NET environment, while offering the ability to create application interfaces using the latest industry standard RIA technology.

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