BlueFinity Enhances mv.NET and mv.SSIS

BlueFinity has introduced upgrades to its mv.NET and mv.SSIS products. BlueFinity supplies development tools for the MultiValue industry for multi-platform business application deployment.

Bluefinity’s mv.NET product allows developers to use the latest in Microsoft technology while leveraging all of the benefits that MultiValue offers, and Mv.SSIS allows data to be read from any major MultiValue database into the Microsoft SSIS environment.

mv.NET has now been upgraded to release 4.4. Some of the improvements made to mv.NET are certified support for Windows 10, certified support for Visual Studio 2015, support for MVON database, certified for d3 version 9.2 and latest MVSP client, jRCS connectivity added for jBASE platforms, and support for UTF-8 data in jBASE.

mv.SSIS has also been upgraded to release 4.4. Some of the improvements made to mv.SSIS are certified for SQL server 2014, certified support for Windows 10, enhanced multi/sub valued data structure support, enhanced international character support, additional data transfer speed optimizations, and support for mv.NET 4.4 release.

“These enhancements to both the mv.NET and mv.SSIS products, incorporated following consultation with our extensive customer base, demonstrate our continued long term commitment to the Multi-Value market and the evolution of these products,” noted Pete Loveless, director of BlueFinity International.

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