BlueFinity Enriches Evoke with Multiple Developer System

Evoke is releasing the final phase of its multiple developer system to its low-code Rapid App Development Platform, supporting a group of developers working on the same app at the same time.

It is designed to maintain the integrity of the project by monitoring the development efforts of various developers, controlling the acceptance of these developments in to base projects, and maintaining version control of the project as a whole and that of the individual developer’s sub-projects.

The system is centred on a base version, which is controlled by a team leader. The team leader can then give access to the app to authorized developers via Work Item versions (a copy of the base version for each developer).

The developers can work on their own sub-version, with full design/development capabilities, providing for the regenerating of the app design in to a working test app, in addition to full testing capabilities.

When the developer is ready, the system provides for the submission of the sub-version, for subsequent review and incorporation in to the base version by the team leader.

The team leader can decide on which aspects of the design should be ‘locked’ in to the base version and sub-versions.

Version control at multiple levels is maintained along with version ‘snapshots’ taken automatically for easy reversion to a previous app version.

Evoke also provides for full audit logging and display of all updates made. Making optimum use of the cloud in the app design process also means that personnel and management from different divisions and locations within a company are able to share designs and test apps so that a truly iterative approach can be employed in the progression of the app design and development.

“Our client base comprises companies of all sizes including those with one or two individuals developing their apps, as well as companies with larger development groups where the developers are able to work simultaneously on their app,” said Malcolm Carroll, director of BlueFinity. “This latest release of Evoke is entirely consistent with the design of this advanced development platform and its adaptability to work in companies from the smallest through to the very largest.

Evoke is a low-code/no-code Rapid App Development Platform which provides for fast start up as well as unlimited customization and growth potential to support the future of business.

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