BlueFinity Evoke Transforms the Low-Code Platform Space

BlueFinity Evoke continues to evolve the low-code MV platform space, designed so that there is absolutely no limit to either the degree of customization or the potential and scalability of the apps created.

The main concern about low-code platforms is it could potentially lead companies to become reliant (locked in) on a platform that is not capable of meeting all of their future requirements.

A good low-code platform will offer an easy-to-use development methodology with familiar drag and drop, option select and point and click techniques which can make them suitable for the design and creation of mobile apps and applications to be developed by their own existing staff (citizen developers as well as technical professionals), according to the vendor.

Evoke from BlueFinity International is designed to generate all of the code into structured Visual Studio (inc. Xamarin) projects which provides a developer with unlimited scope for customization.

If the developers are not technical, they need never touch the generated code and can follow a no-code development and deployment approach. But for when it is needed, developers have the generated VS code delivered to their computers and always have full access to it.

This means that Evoke can be both an entirely no-code solution or a genuine low-code platform that can easily call and incorporate a developer’s existing code, new code, library routines and third-party software as they require.

From the same Evoke app design, there is the choice of generating a web app or native app that makes full use of the integrated technology of the device such as increased security, location-based communication, GPS, Bluetooth etc.

By making the generated source code available in a Visual Studio solution, it means that an IT division can access the source code for onward development even if no longer using the low-code platform.

In addition, Evoke’s method of maintaining and reapplying any custom code means that a developer may always return to Evoke for further easy customization and development of the app with Evoke reapplying all previous custom code in the new version the next time the app is generated.

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