BlueFinity Helps Organizations ‘Silverlight-Enable’ MultiValue Database Applications

Blue Finity is offering a free online demo of mv.NET, a .NET-to-MultiValue connectivity and productivity aid for developers that want to create state of the art application user interfaces and web services for MultiValue-based applications.

According to BlueFinity, one of the ways in which developers are utilizing Silverlight's power is to create a new generation of browser-delivered line of business (LOB) applications – the kind of applications that are the bread and butter of our MultiValue world, such as stock control, accountancy, ERP, and CRM.

The latest release (version 4.2) of mv.NET contains many features focused specifically on supporting Silverlight development. Visit the BlueFinity website for an article highlighting the capabilities of mv.NET, and to register for a free demo. Go here for a video showing how to "Silverlight-enable" applications.