BlueFinity Modernizes MultiValue by Deploying Integrated Apps

Modernization is now becoming a crucial part of the strategy for many companies and BlueFinity has worked with many MV customers on the successful modernization of their previously static MultiValue systems.

For a fast-growing number of companies, the introduction of apps that provide complete integration with a company’s existing MultiValue systems and databases has proved to be a successful way of modernizing. The introduction of Apps can release an application from the “green screen” monitor to mobile phones, tablets, watches, laptops etc. and provide a modern graphical UI with significant additional functionality.

“These companies have been able to provide their customers, partners and employees with a wide range of modern apps running on their existing desktop computer and/or mobile devices, which means that they have been able to not only modernize but also massively extend the reach of their existing MultiValue systems,” said Malcolm Carroll, Director at BlueFinity. “Through the use of Evoke, BlueFinity’s Microsoft-centric low-code app development platform, companies are now able to create enterprise strength, native and web apps that run on any device and any operating system. And they can use simple drag and drop, point and click or option select techniques to do it.”

Creating apps with the Evoke platform, combined with the support of BlueFinity’s MultiValue and .NET teams, means that MV based companies have been able to address perceived problems such as ‘Is the structure of my existing system too unique and complex to support a modern system?’ and ‘Where do I find the required MV resource to support the creation and implementation of new apps?’

BlueFinity has also released its extended MV support for Evoke which provides for companies to fully incorporate their existing or new DataBasic code in to their apps as well as supporting existing infrastructures such as MultiValued associated groups, sub-values and local or remote keys.

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