BlueFinity Offers Education on mv.NET Solution Objects

BlueFinity is planning a webinar showcasing mv.NET Solution Objects, which enables developers to create new application interfaces using industry-standard RIA technology - HTML5, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF and any other .NET enabled Microsoft environments, servers and applications.

According to BlueFinity, for .NET developers that need to access MultiValue databases, mv.NET has provided strong connectivity capabilities with its Core Objects and Adapter Objects component sets, and  Solution Objects adds to this connectivity capability by offering the ability to create a strongly-typed, class-based access layer to a MultiValue database. This enables any MultiValue application to be built and enhanced using mv.NET without the need to move from MultiValue database technology or existing business logic.  

Native applications can be produced for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android using a common C# based development environment. Browser-based applications can be created using ASP.NET and HTML5 that adapt themselves to the appearance of native platforms. In addition, according to the company, mv.NET enables developers to address both of these requirements without learning multiple mobile platform skill sets, and it is not necessary for .NET developers to have MultiValue knowledge to produce applications. 

The webinar overview and demonstration will show how developers can create  industry-standard applications that can be deployed a wide range of interface devices including workstations, browsers, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices. For details, go to