BlueFinity Offers Webcast on RESTful Services Generation for MultiValue Databases

BlueFinity is planning a webcast for October 2 showing how RESTful services can be created on all the major MultiValue databases. RESTful services generation will be demonstrated on a variety of sample MultiValue applications running on different mobile platforms including Windows 8. 

According to BlueFinity, the release of mv.NET 4.3 provides a simple yet powerful and flexible way of creating RESTful web services against a MultiValue database. Developers are now able to generate industry standard RESTful services without having to be a network stack or HTTP guru. Easy, automated service generation combined with fully customizable service content provides the developer with the best of both worlds.  Moreover, developers can host and deploy these services using non-proprietary, industry standard technologies that are able to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise computing infrastructures.

The webcast titled “Super Easy RESTful Services Generation for MultiValue Databases” will be held October 2 from 11:30 to 12:30 ET. To register for the webcast, go here.