BlueFinity to Present Webcast on Building Modern GUI Interfaces to Existing MultiValue Applications

BlueFinity International will present a free webinar on October 19th showing MultiValue resellers and developers how to deliver a modern, sophisticated look and feel to their existing applications while retaining the functionality and features of their proven MultiValue solution.

"There is no need to spend a fortune creating a new solution to achieve a modern look and feel," explains Bob Markowitz, BlueFinity Sales. "mv.NET from BlueFinity will allow you to maximize the return on the investment in your existing MultiValue application and take your valuable business logic to the next level at a fraction of the cost."

BueFinity enables businesses to develop enterprise class applications leveraging the both the MultiValue and Microsoft technology sets.  According to BlueFinity, its flagship product, mv.NET, allows developers to use industry-standard technology to enhance existing MultiValue applications into modern solutions.  It enables the developer to utilize the range of application development tools provided by Microsoft's .NET environment to rapidly create feature-rich, high performance applications.

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