BlueFinity’s Evoke Gives Users the Option of Developing a Native or Web App

BlueFinity is giving users the option of developing a native or web app with Evoke. With a low-code platform, such as Evoke from BlueFinity, the developer can generate and deploy native (as well as web apps) to run on all devices, operating systems and browsers, all from the same app design and code.

As new devices are periodically released and operating systems are updated Evoke allows the developer to regenerate low-code projects that seamlessly manage all of the changes and takes advantage of the new features without worrying about the technical details behind it.

Most platforms provide the capability for developers to create and deploy only web apps. Because they are browser-based, it is easier for them to work across the multiple device types and the various operating systems.

In addition to the native app being faster and more responsive, a native app gives access to features of the device that can be directly incorporated as functions within an app. Examples of these functions are the device’s notification system, the use of advanced features of the camera, the leveraging of near field communication (NFC)and GPS for maps and directions etc.

A native app gives users the ability to download from one of the app stores. It makes it more accessible by users as well as handling the distribution and some elements of the marketing of the app. The app can also be downloaded onto a device with a branded logo which is not automatically possible with a web app. A deployed native app can also continue to function at times when there is no internet connection.

With Evoke, the decision to deploy the app as a web app or native app does not need to be taken upfront. Only after users have designed their app do they need to choose whether to generate it as web or native or both. Users can also elect to switch between the two at a later stage.

Web apps are a very good option for many and often meet all known requirements, but having the option to deploy as either may prove to be critically important at a future time in the business, according to the vendor.

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