BlueFinity’s Evoke Platform Adds Virtual Showroom Capabilities

BlueFinity is updating its Evoke low-code app development platform with an integrated and adaptable 360-degree imaging virtual tour capability.

This is a multi-purpose feature that provides for the searching, browsing, and inspection of any store, venue, property, or utility through an integrated feature of an app.

The 360-degree feature extends the retail functionality of Evoke (with customers already in planning for their holiday season virtual stores) as well as providing a feature that can be used across multiple industry sectors.

According to the company, the results are sophisticated, full-function web and mobile apps that can run on, and are optimized for, any device and operating system (phones, tablets, watches and televisions using iOS, Android and Windows as well as Windows, Linux, and Apple desktops) and can be fully integrated with any database (Db2, SQL, Oracle, MultiValue, etc.).

This latest enhancement means that a full function virtual tour experience can now be incorporated directly in to an app, allowing for vendors to offer unrivalled features to allow consumers to browse around a store or for a prospective house buyer or dealer in commercial property to obtain an unrestricted view of a property from all perspectives and completely online.

The new system includes:

  • 360-degree and panoramic images with optional auto rotation
  • User defined hotspots that run routines/click actions/link to URLs
  • Multiple levels of 360-degree images (via hotspots) to provide a virtual tour
  • 360-degree images (and static images) may be identified in the database and uploaded in a running app for additional flexibility
  • Easy to use navigation through 360-degree views, hotspots, full screen, and return options

Designed to be used for multiple purposes and across multiple industry sectors Evoke’s adaptable 360-degree virtual tour capability dramatically changes the ease in which an app may now be used and also how a company can significantly improve the way they interact with their customers and staff in a constantly changing business world.

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