BlueFinity’s Evoke Platform Helps Companies Get Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to switch to remote work and BlueFinity is assisting companies with the transition.

Its Evoke product allows citizen developers (the company’s existing staff) to build business apps using low-code, drop and drag, point and click; and option select methods.

The new working conditions have meant that some existing projects and other work cannot be continued.

Progressive organizations are using this period to have staff, forced to work from home, start new projects or focus more clearly on existing projects that often have long been planned or are even already underway but have previously suffered delays due to conflicting priorities.

Existing staff, now working from home, have found that all that they needed was a laptop or home computer together with an Evoke license to build sophisticated, full function, business apps for their company.

Evoke has proven to be the perfect option for this as the BlueFinity business model provides that virtually all of the interaction the company has with its clients is performed through extensive GoToMeeting/Zoom video conferencing sessions or by phone and Skype.

These services extend from Environment Reviews, (making sure the app can access the chosen database(s) and works properly on the chosen computer/environment), live person User Training which guides users through the creation of the first screens and functions of the app, and extensive on-call support including joint reviews of the app and on-going assistance in the creation of the app.

The extensive user-friendly documentation and video guides (provided as part of Evoke) have even allowed some users to start and build fully working business apps that have now been deployed live to their customers, with minimal interaction with the BlueFinity training team.

This approach has allowed BlueFinity to successfully respond to the requirements of a diverse international client base and it has been tested, implemented and improved since the original release of Evoke.

“What this means is that in this new world, there is no disruption or change to the service levels that have always been offered by BlueFinity so that the company can continue providing exceptional services as they always have, on-line and safely,” said Malcolm Carroll, director, BlueFinity.

BlueFinity customers licensing Evoke during the outbreak will get an additional free copy of the product, with each copy that is licensed, to allow more of their staff to create the business apps they need and help their companies move forward quicker and stronger as their they emerge from the pandemic.

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