BlueFinity’s Launches Evoke for Multi-Platform Application Development

To support developers facing sharp learning curves for multiple platforms, operating systems and development tools, BlueFinity International has launched Evoke, a new product that supports a ‘develop once, deploy anywhere’ approach by providing a toolset for all application delivery platforms, including Windows native desktop, Windows Modern UI, Windows Phone, iPhone/ iPad and Android phone /tablet.  

Built using industry standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript technology and Microsoft's ASP.NET framework, Evoke consists of three parts: application designer, application generator, and run-time support libraries.  The designer enables fast app user interface (UI) design; the generator automatically transforms designs into fully customizable Visual Studio projects; and the run-time libraries provide support for all platforms and devices.

App Designer provides a targeted adaptive user interface

The app designer provides a “targeted adaptive UI,”  which allows an application to not only adjust its UI based on the size of the device screen or browser window, but also make adjustments based on the key visual styling and characteristics of a particular device, said according to David Cooper, lead developer at BlueFinity, observing that user experience is now the key driver in the construction of application software.

According to BlueFinity, developers can add their own custom features to an app and exploit the power, flexibility and openness of Visual Studio.  By using a wide range of industry standard technologies, such as HTML5/JavaScript, XAML, C# and PhoneGap, organizations can shorten their technology learning curve without compromising flexibility or functionality. 

Seamless read/write interaction with MultiValue databases

In addition to incorporating all the client-side UI code, Evoke solutions also include all of the code required to provide seamless read/write interaction with any MultiValue database as well as RESTful service data access points for the app's UI.

“As more and more companies are demanding mobile apps to streamline their business processes,  the developer’s challenge is how to build applications that both support these diverse platforms and also integrate with current line of business systems,” said Cooper.  “Evoke gives developers the best of both worlds - rapid creation of rich, professional line of business applications that run on all of today's device platforms, plus the power, flexibility and openness of industry standard technologies."

It is available now from BlueFinity International as well as its worldwide distributors.

BlueFinity is holding a series of introductory webinars.  For more information, visit