BlueFinity’s mv.NET Enables Mobility for MV Applications

BlueFinity International has extended its reach to enable applications running on any MultiValue database to be deployed across tablets, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices. According to BlueFinity, because its approach provides all of the ‘plumbing’ and framework to support the application creation process, developers can save time and money as well as reduce the inherent risks of developing their own framework in getting the application implemented and ready to launch. 

“Using mv.NET’s powerful, automatic web service generation capabilities, developers are able to create industry-standard web services to populate user interfaces with MultiValue-resident data in a fraction of the time normally taken to build this type of infrastructure,” says David Cooper, lead developer at BlueFinity. “This, combined with the fact that by using mv.NET you are not tying your solution to a particular MultiValue implementation makes mv.NET an attractive proposition for MultiValue developers needing to deliver modern user interfaces for their existing applications.”

“There is a rapidly growing trend, fuelled by the rapid uptake of smartphone and tablet devices, for IT strategy to be driven by end user expectation,” adds Pete Loveless, CEO of BlueFinity International.   “Ultimately, it's all about being able to deliver solutions that address the evolving needs and expectations of users and customers.  Using mv.NET, it is possible to take your tried and trusted MultiValue applications to new heights by creating powerful mobile solutions that address these needs quickly and cost effectively.”  

According to BlueFinity, many of its customers have already taken MultiValue applications mobile with mv.NET.

“Taking our application mobile greatly improves the productivity of our sales force as it enables them to retrieve and input information about their customers while the information is fresh in their minds rather than having to update the database at a later time,” says Cliff Ponce, systems development manager at Eastern Metal Supply, a national distributor of aluminium sheet products.  “Our general managers are able to access real-time reports and our IT team can diagnose and resolve problems - all from their phones.  We were able to maximize on the investment we’ve already made in our MultiValue application to meet the needs of today’s modern business, and mv.NET made the move to mobile easier than we even expected.”

In addition, Calidore Computer Systems,U.K.-based applications provider to the office supplies industry, has also taken its MultiValue application mobile and enhanced the sequence of its order delivery process to provide electronic, seamless proof of delivery to their back office MultiValue system on a Windows 7 Phone.  “mv.NET allows us to record signatures and delivery information on a Windows 7 phone and automatically update the order history in the back office system with an image of the signature and even enables automatic emailing of the invoice and delivery note to the customer all by simply pressing a button on the phone,” says Richard Olds, Director at Calidore.

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