BlueFinity's mv.NET Version 4.3 Adds Support for Visual Studio 2012 and RESTful Web Service Development

BlueFinity’s upcoming release of mv.NET, version 4.3, will bring important additions to the company’s flagship product, including support for Visual Studio 2012 and support for RESTful web service development, as well as performance enhancements, the company says.

The new release of mv.NET is notable for several reasons, David Cooper, lead developer at BlueFinity, explains.  First, it provides a simple but powerful and flexible way of creating RESTful web services against a MultiValue database, and second, the integration with RESTful service support demonstrates the power and flexibility of BlueFinity’s modeling framework.  In addition, the release introduces key architectural features that will act as the corner stone of future releases.

“The way in which we’ve implemented our RESTful service support is designed to give the developer the best of both worlds,” says Cooper.  “They can use the tried and trusted industry standard Microsoft Windows infrastructure to deliver their secure web services while at the same time being able to generate their specific web service content in incredibly short timescales.  This really captures the spirit of BlueFinity software; allowing the use of Industry-standard infrastructures and skill sets while still being able to harness the full power of the MultiValue platform.”  

According to BlueFinity, Visual Studio 2012 is an important release of the IDE since it starts to pull together what has previously been a collection of independently installed development components, such as Windows Phone, Azure and ASP.NET MVC, as well as providing the tooling for the new Windows 8 app environment. "The next 12 months will see a number of key technology launches from Microsoft, with Windows 8 being at the top of this list,” says Cooper.  BlueFinity is tracking this dynamic situation closely and we already have a number of product initiatives ready to ensure that the MultiValue market is able to take full advantage of the developments coming from Microsoft.”

On October 2, BlueFinity will present a webinar on easy RESTful services generation for MultiValue databases. Details and registration can be found at