BluePhoenix Ships Mainframe Rehosting Platform

BluePhoenix, the legacy application lifecycle company, announced the general availability of its solution set intended to support a range of mainframe management and migration activities, including mainframe data migration for COBOL, Adabas, COOL GEN, mainframe migration, and mainframe rehosting. The vendor's ATLAS Platform is designed to enable more cost-effective deployment of mainframe applications in distributed environments.

“ATLAS is a lifecycle-driven system that reduces cost, risk and adds business value for customers with legacy applications,” says Rick Oppedisano, vice president of R&D and marketing at BluePhoenix. “This is not a rehosting solution or something built to overtly push a customer towards mainframe migration. This is a purpose-built system that helps customers whether or not they're ready to move away from legacy apps and databases, and gives them incremental options that add value each step of the way.” 

The platform includes BPHX's Batch In The Cloud service, intended to leverage off-mainframe processing power to reduce batch processing cost. An additional feature, BPHX's BI Enablement Services, is engineered to enable companies to integrate legacy databases such as IDMS with SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle. BPHX's Automated Translation technology is intended to provide a business logic and functionality match between the source and target environments. This empowers customers to keep the best of their legacy system while moving to a modern code base and infrastructure, the vendor says. This service translates legacy languages like Natural, CA COOL: GEN and COBOL to Java or C#- and legacy IDMS, ADABAS and VSAM to DB2, SQL Server and Oracle.

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