BluePhoenix Takes Processes 'Off-Mainframe'

BluePhoenix, a legacy application lifecycle vendor, announced the release of a proprietary code base that enables mainframe processes to be run from off-mainframe infrastructure. The vendor's Cloud Transaction Engine (CTE) is a module of the company’s soon-to-be-released ATLAS Platform. The vendor also now offers a “Batch In The Cloud” service as the first formal offering leveraging CTE capabilities. 

“Batch In The Cloud uses off-mainframe, cloud-based processing power to reduce mainframe MIPS and total cost of ownership,” says Rick Oppedisano, BluePhoenix’s vice president of marketing.  “The huge array of virtual machines in the cloud brings greater performance and scalability than the mainframe. Jobs can be processed quicker at a lower cost.”

The Batch In The Cloud service is supported on private or public clouds, including Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s EC2.  This service is designed to enable COBOL, CA GEN and Natural/ADABAS mainframe environments.

“Beyond the immediate cost savings, this technology creates a competitive advantage,” Oppedisano says. “Exposing data in an off-mainframe location empowers the customer to become more agile.  Not only can they process reports faster, but they can slice and dice their data to get a broader perspective than competitors who keep data on the mainframe.” 

BluePhoenix is offering a free proof of concept for the Batch In The Cloud service. “To manage the scale and demand, we’re going to start with a complimentary assessment of the customer environment to identify the most appropriate applications for this service,” says Oppedisano.  “Once those applications are identified, we will build the roadmap and execute the Proof of Concept on the cloud platform of the customer’s choice.”

Additional details on the Batch In The Cloud service and proof of concept can be found here.