BlueStripe Extends Application Service Management Solution to Red Hat Sites

BlueStripe Software, a provider of application service management solutions, has launched the latest version of its flagship product that enables enterprises to stage, deploy, and manage business-critical applications. FactFinder 2.0 extends the reach of intelligent application discovery and service-level capabilities for application support to Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments, enabling users to understand the structure and relationship of their applications to efficiently manage complex, integrated applications, identify performance issues, and perform triage to resolve issues. Initial FactFinder support was for applications running on the Microsoft Windows platforms.

Virtualization is "sweeping through the industry," being driven by cost-cutting concerns, Vic Nyman, COO of BlueStripe, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Corporations under intense pressure are using virtualization to consolidate and reduce their capital expenses and support costs for these platforms, and in doing so, it makes it more difficult to for the applications people to maintain visibility of the applications, and support those applications, Nyman observes. "As the economic pressures come on, and virtualization is embraced even further, it puts more and more pressure on the applications team to keep those applications available, visible and supported-and that's really what we are aimed at here at BlueStripe."

This latest release offers capabilities in support of BlueStripe's service-level driven approach to application problem triage and resolution.  With the new release, according to the vendor, "within 10 minutes," FactFinder automatically discovers application topologies across both physical and virtual environments, revealing all connections, processes and dependencies, and providing detailed service-level delivery performance metrics. FactFinder 2.0 also enables detailed performance intelligence to be gathered to benchmark critical application performance attributes, including response time contributions, enabling before and after snapshots for comparison reports on performance and configuration changes. Finally the new release enables users to follow service-levels to identify performance degradation and quickly identify where they need to drill down to resolve application performance issues.

FactFinder 2.0 provides key new application service management capabilities for customers who choose to run open source, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux and CentOS platforms. With the ability to manage business-critical applications running on open source with FactFinder, enterprises can roll out new applications with confidence, according to the vendor. For more information, go here.