BlueStripe Software Announces FactFinder Support for Windows 2008 and IBM AIX

BlueStripe Software has announced full support of IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows 2008 operating systems for its FactFinder application performance management product, while continuing support for Windows Server 2003 Server, Windows XP, Sun Solaris, and Linux. According to BlueStripe, this new release of FactFinder automatically identifies the entire application system for every application without any configuration, coding, or network appliances - regardless of application, platform or environment - for a complete view of application systems and all interactions.

FactFinder identifies and shows all of the components and dependencies of an application, in real-time, to monitor live production applications in a single view. FactFinder measures and isolates where transactions are getting stuck and why. By extending the reach of its process-level application identification, deep performance visibility, and configuration and change detection capabilities, FactFinder helps customers optimize IT infrastructure resources to meet application availability and performance SLAs.

Prior to this announcement, Vic Nyman, co-founder and COO of BlueStripe, tells 5 Minute Briefing, "We have been mostly in a VMware Intel-centric market."With this announcement, "We are coming out to the Unix market. In particular, we are bringing FactFinder to the AIX and Solaris Zones virtualization market as well as delivering new support for Windows 2008 running Windows application platforms," Nyman explains.

"We have been very successful in the Intel market which is both Linux and Windows and where we are getting very strong traction," says Nyman, observing, "The virtualization play that VMware started has been slower to market, but really coming on strong in the high end enterprises under the UNIX platforms. That is actually a really big driver of our business and why we are turning out this new product focus on those extra platforms."

FactFinder provides IT operations and application support teams with a view of each and every application, in its entirety, with all dependencies and transaction performance measurement between components, for a complete understanding of what makes up an application and how it is delivering services, hop-by-hop, across the entire application.

Additionally, FactFinder now offers easy export and sharing of critical application performance topology. FactFinder data for hop-by-hop application configurations and transaction response times are now available for use in corporate reporting activities such as integrated performance reports, cross-system application capacity planning, and business application cost allocation by usage and resources. This new feature adds to FactFinder's enterprise features of alert process integration and service desk process integration.

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