Bluefinity’s Evoke Platform Offers Choices for Mobile Users

As phone technology evolves, so does MultiValue and Bluefinity is providing various options and features for a new era of smart phones and devices.

Evoke provides the flexibility for SQL and MV companies to choose how they want to deploy their apps now with the option to change direction as conditions or circumstances change. For example, Evoke allows the deployment of an app as a web app and then regenerate the same Evoke app design and deploy it as a native app – all from a single code set.

Evoke provides complete flexibility throughout the design, development, and deployment phases. In order to achieve a fast go-live date many Evoke users have chosen to deploy the app on the web as the first stage of their implementation. Many will stay with web apps because it fully meets their requirements.

With Evoke, users have options so they can also elect to generate the original design as a 'native' app. The Evoke generator will create complete Visual Studio or Xamarin projects suitable to the target device(s) providing the developer with a working project and the foundation for customization, onward development and unlimited growth.

The key to this process is Evoke’s 'single design' concept where the developer uses that same design no matter how they want to deploy it.

When business requirements change the developers return to the same Evoke design for customization whether native or web. Evoke will always monitor the work and will take into account the previous inclusion of customized code and 3rd party tools and components. Evoke detects and preserves all of the custom and component code when generating a new version of the app.

This unique process allows the developer to return to the Evoke design whenever required and add more and/or change customization through Evoke while maintaining and preserving all the previous work done with the custom code and components.

As a standard feature of Evoke, developers are able to design apps for multiple device types (phones, tablets, watches and desktop).  

When new devices are introduced, they are automatically provided for and the new technology is incorporated.

Whether the developer chooses to use web or native apps, Evoke already supports the dynamic adaptation for automatic resizing of a screen from smaller to larger and vice versa when a folding phone or flip phone is opened/closed. This adaptation is not just a resize, Evoke will adapt the columns on a DataGrid, app navigation, prompts, buttons and all aspects of the screen.

Evoke is a low-code/no-code Rapid App Development Platform which provides for fast start up as well as unlimited customization and growth potential to support the future of your business. It allows businesses to design, develop and deploy adaptive business apps across multiple mobile and desktop devices using a company’s existing in-house skills and expertise, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Evoke supports the creation of professional business apps by companies of all sizes and diverse app requirements, from start-ups to the largest multi-national.

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