Bluewolf Expands Remote DBA Program to Include Sybase Database Management

Bluewolf, an IT consulting firm, has launched Sybase Remote DBA, new Sybase database administration support services for businesses of all sizes. The service offerings are an extension of bw.DirectDBA, the company's Remote Database Administration service for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and now Sybase. Bluewolf's remote database management service provides businesses with access to its team of U.S.-based experts to ensure the successful monitoring and support of their databases.

"Sybase is very strong in the financial services community and they always have been," observes Michael Kirven, co-founder and principal of Bluewolf to 5 Minute Briefing. "The most compelling thing about our offering to that community is that most of our resources are located in Manhattan and all of our Sybase resources are in Manhattan," Kirven notes.

"Because of the fact that we are also located in Manhattan and that our customer base really overlays their [Sybase's] customer base in a very significant way, although we have mainly been doing Oracle, Microsoft and MySQL, it just seemed a natural evolution for us to then add that on because we already have a massive existing customer base that uses Sybase."

The downturned economy has resulted in layoffs of people on Wall Street in the technology departments and "a lot of companies have left themselves fairly exposed," Kirven adds. "We are able to then hire back a lot of those DBAs and remarket them to the existing community. They get the piece of mind of knowing that these people aren't new to Sybase, and have been doing Sybase for 10, 15 years, and that they already understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the financial services community in New York, which is very different than just about any vertical market."

In addition to Remote Database Administration, Bluewolf says it provides staffing augmentation and placement services for hard-to-find software developers, project managers, and business analysts, serving clients that have immediate needs for deep expertise in specific technologies and software deployment processes. For more about Sybase Remote DBA, go here.