Bond Brand Loyalty Teams Up with RedPoint Global on Personalized Real-Time Brand Experiences

RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, has announced a partnership with Bond Brand Loyalty, a customer engagement agency, to maximize loyalty engagement efforts across all channels.

Earlier this year, RedPoint launched the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub solution that combines its customer data platform, which clients use to create unified customer profiles, with its real-time customer interaction platform that optimizes customer engagement across all touchpoints.

Bond Brand Loyalty’s Synapze Platform will leverage the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub to expand their existing personalization and omnichannel capabilities to support enterprise real-time customer engagement. The partnership enables Bond’s clients to create a more complete customer “golden record” for their loyalty initiatives, and support timely and contextually accurate engagement throughout the enterprise.

Optimizing customer engagement across the enterprise is critical for building brand loyalty, and marketers require a way to take control of all of their data to drive relevancy and effectiveness across touchpoints, said RedPoint chief marketing and strategy officer John Nash.  The partnership will allow Bond Brand Loyalty to help marketers to enhance their engagement efforts, helping them drive consistent and coordinated messaging “at the speed of the customer,” he added.

For more information, go to the RedPoint Global and Bond Brand Loyalty websites.