BonitaSoft Announces New Bonita BPM 6 Platform

BonitaSoft, a provider of business process management (BPM) solutions, has announced Bonita BMP 6, a platform upgrade that gives business users and IT professionals an advanced set of BMP tools to enhance collaboration, drive end-user efficiency and improve processes quickly. Up to four times faster than the current generation, BPM 6 includes a host of new features that make people, departments and organizations more efficient through the use of intuitive process-driven applications. New features include a redesigned user portal, mobile access and improve business activity monitoring.

Bonita BPM 6 is the product of BonitaSoft’s goal to “democratize BPM,” where process owners at al levels of an organization can take greater control over improving their operational performance. “We rebuilt the Bonita user portal to make it much more streamlined and efficient for the humans that are trying to interact with tasks. You can now search for specific tasks or other data that’s within in the process, but also search other business data within an organization,” Mac McConnell, BonitaSoft vice president, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Also new is mobile access, allowing customers to create, assign and complete tasks from any device. End users can unlock from rigid processes and create and assign tasks on the fly.

Improved analytics in Bonita BPM 6 enables managers and process owners to drill down into reports to gain deeper knowledge and identify bottlenecks. “An important area for us to focus on was to make process management more nimble and less rigid than it had been in the past,” McConnell explains. BPM 6 adds new tools and features that ease the burden of creating process-driven applications, as developers can easily change the configuration of running processes to cope with organizational and infrastructure changes.  Enhanced support for multiple deployment scenarios and environments includes a new REST API and expanded configuration options for Java API. New error management enables failed tasks to be rerun, and Apache Tomcat is now directly integrated into Bonita BPM Studio to streamline testing.

Bonita BPM 6 is offered through one- or three-year subscriptions that include all software, support and maintenance, and is available now. For more information and a free download, visit