Book Distributor Completes Migration to OpenQM

Ladybridge Systems, a privately owned U.K,-based company, has announced that BookMasters, one of the largest distributors of books in the U.S., has completed migration of their 105-user business system to QM. Running on a quad core Xeon system with five 32Gb Managed Flash Technology drives (Easy Computing Company) the migration has significantly reduced costs and is delivering high performance, according to the companies. Application level read rates averaging in excess of 95,000 records per second have been recorded. Some reports that previously took several hours to complete now run in just a few minutes.
LadyBridge's OpenQM, more commonly referred to as QM, is a low-cost, high-performance MultiValue database product offering a migration path for users looking to reduce the strain on their IT budget. A typical total cost of ownership over a 5-to-10 year period may be as little as 20% of that of other products, according to Ladybridge.
As well as having close compatibility with other MultiValue environments, QM takes the data model forward into new areas, such as having object-oriented programming fully integrated into the Basic language familiar to MultiValue developers. A QM license includes the AccuTerm terminal emulator and the Coyote web server as bundled products. Alongside this, Ladybridge has also worked closely with its business partners to bring DesignBais, mv.Net, MITS, SpoolerPlus, Nucleus and other packages to QM.
For more information on Ladybridge and OpenQM, go here.