Boomi Acquires Key Companies to Empower Enterprises to Scale Without Compromise and Manage API Sprawl

Boomi, the intelligent integration and automation leader, is acquiring APIIDA’s federated API management business and API management assets from Cloud Software Group, allowing enterprises to deliver business value through API products in one end-to-end platform.

According to the company, both these acquisitions accelerate Boomi’s roadmap for providing solutions to the most pressing API management challenges that companies face today.

“APIs are the backbone of modern software and application development and have become a cornerstone of modern architectures that enable businesses to stay agile and compete effectively,” said Steve Lucas, CEO at Boomi. “However, cloud adoption and the explosive growth of APIs have disrupted traditional IT infrastructures. With these acquisitions, we’re putting an end to operational overhead and API sprawl by offering a robust, enterprise-grade and federated API management solution, giving customers the ability to quickly provision, discover, secure, and infinitely scale in one end-to-end enterprise platform.”

APIIDA’s API Control Plane expands Boomi’s portfolio by offering the ability for enterprises to discover, govern, and provision APIs from one central place, including APIs managed through gateways from various vendors.

This allows a vendor-agnostic, federated administration of the entire API lifecycle, and can be adapted to the requirements of any organization, enabling a consistent consumer experience and governance across all APIs.

By offering federated API management, Boomi enables enterprises to:

  • Reduce complexity and cost by unifying access to all their APIs across cloud-based and on-premises API gateways from multiple vendors
  • Drive innovation with a single destination for application developers, simplifying API consumption and accelerating time-to-market by giving developers a dynamic catalog where APIs can be discovered and reused
  • Enhance provider security and governance with total visibility and control over all their APIs

Further accelerating the company’s API management roadmap, Boomi has also acquired assets from Cloud Software Group, providing Boomi customers enterprise-grade scalability and security, according to the company.

These assets, developed by a team that helped invent the API economy and used by some of the world’s largest organizations, will enable the Boomi Enterprise Platform to support even the most demanding API management performance and security requirements in markets such as travel, retail, tech, finance, and healthcare.

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